Audyssey AVE

To experience audio visual entrainment is to enter a world beyond language, where the mind is free to roam and explore the unknown. It is a transformative experience that opens the door to new dimensions of creativity, self-discovery, and inner peace.



Visual Entrainment

The Roxiva RX1 lamp opens the door to the mind helping to support relaxation, meditation & creativity. Photic stimulation can cause profound changes in brain wave activity & induce sensory hallucinations.


Transducer Vibroacoustics

Vibration helps with tension caused by stress, working with the Subpac transducer technology on the spine using fixed frequencies & isochronic tones to support the autonomic nervous system.


Immersive Audio

We are living in a time of equivocal change with a need for equanimity in our lifestyle and mindset. Music created with Ableton Live 11, Audeze LCD-X, Push 2, SPAT, Muse 2, Max4live plugins, virtual instruments, poly rhythms, modes & melodies.

turn negativity into creativity

The colours and patterns that dance before the eyes are not just a visual spectacle, but a reflection of the listener's own inner state. As the mind is immersed it begins to let go of stress and anxiety, as you enter a state of deep relaxation.



The music, rich with sonic texture and rhythms, pulsate in time with the flicker, guiding the listener on a journey of inner exploration. Each flicker of light and note of music creates a symphony of sensation, evoking emotions and images that go beyond words.
Roxiva RX1, Ableton live, Muse 2, Mind Monitor, Max4live, OSC and Audeze LCD-X help to support a change in brainwaves and induce a relaxed state of mind.  
Certified practitioner

Gavin M Lawson

Combining specific modalities in this case sound, light, frequencies and vibration.

Roxiva RX1, Subpac S2, Ableton Live 11, Max4live, Audeze LCD-X & Push 2 create unique brainwave entrainment experiences.

Electronic Music • Stroboscopic light • Vibroacoustics

  • Qualifications

    Sound Therapy • Chromotherapy • Meditation • Mindfulness • Breath Work • Psychotherapy

    Practitioner • Trainer • Speaker • Author • Sound Designer

  • Payment

    Book a session by the hour or try one of our packages.

White Fox Talking


Discussing the potential benefits of AVE to support mental health in the creative sector.

Reducing alpha waves to reach a hypnogogic theta state. 

Engage with your full potential

  • We are committed to delivering high-quality services that are accessible to all. Offering a variety of packages and pricing options to meet the needs of our clients, and always happy to answer questions and provide support.

  • Our AVE and mindfulness services have been shown to be effective in supporting the impact of stress, improving focus and concentration, and supporting overall well-being. We have worked with a diverse range of clients, including individuals, organisations, and have helped them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Sound • Light • Frequency • Vibration

FINCADELICA • Six Senses • Perception • Paradise retreats • Pikes • vitalic studios • Osiris Hertman • DJ Magazine • Nativ • Boombox

Gavin Lawson

Over the last 7 years I have been collecting data, trialing new methods in music technology, mindfulness & photic stimulation supporting stress reduction utilising technologies to help with perceived stress in the creative sector. 

These methodologies can help musicians, electronic music producers, artists, designers and DJ's starting a new wave of therapeutic practice and moving beyond the traditional forms. 

  • The future of A.V.E

    Thanks to support of great minds and generosity I am now developing a toolset that can be used by anyone with an interest in building on this field of exploration in creativity and mental wellbeing.

    From the mind for the mind.

  • Supporting the creative industries

    Combining electronic music with binaural stereo, light (Stroboscopic) and transducer vibration, lowering entropy and increasing task positivity.

Press publication


featured in dj magazine

Unlocking the creative mind through the power of electronic music, light and vibration!

(Mick Wilson) Tech - September 2022 issue

press publication

Audyssey featured in Nativ Magazine

Writer: nicola corfield
Audyssey AVE Supported by

Beau Lotto

Lab of Misfits

Neuroscientist and world-renowned expert in perception. His research explores the ways in which we experience the world through our own versions of reality.

We have been working with Beau a three-time main stage TED speaker.

Audyssey AVE

Sonic Therapeutics

Ambient electronic music is a genre that is characterised by its calming qualities.

Audio visual entrainment (AVE) and binaural spatial audio are techniques that in conjunction with ambient music enhance relaxation and help with the impact of perceived stress in the creative sector.

AVE is a technique that involves the use of specific rhythms, sounds and visual stimuli (Stroboscopic light) to alter brainwave activity.

Software & Hardware support: Ableton, Audeze, Roxiva, Isotonik Studio's & Meta Function.

Musicians Report

Working with prolific music producers, DJ's and industry experts to enhance creativity, reduce the potential of stress and free the mind of negative thought.

Download and read the report from 3 exceptional individuals and their experience with Audio Visual Entrainment in Ibiza.

Sound • Light • Frequencies • Vibration
Photo Mark System (DJ, Music Producer & Sound Designer)
Music Producer & DJ


"The sessions with Audyssey were fantastic and I felt like it was helping me open up and stay in a high state of awareness. A state of creativity and flow, a state I practice coming into again and again"
It’s a powerful tool that I really recommend!
Nightmares on wax

George Evelyn

"I feel more at ease in making decisions, evaluating my options, moving forward in a more constructive way, this has been evident in music production and DJ performances"


Audyssey wear

Entrainment collection

Organic & sustainable clothing available now!

We don't push our problems away, we wear them with pride!

Electronic Music therapy

Ableton Live AVE Mapper

Roxiva & Meta Function

Created by Phelan Kane in partnership with Gavin M Lawson working in Ableton Live 11 for real time control of the RX1 lamp.

Combining live electronic performance with stroboscopic light entrainment as a modern approach to sound therapy.

Audyssey Ave

A modern approach to meditation & Mindfulness music created with Ableton Live 11, Push 2, Max4Live, isochronic tones & EUCLIDIAN rhythms.

A composition of sound frequencies to explore inner space!
Audio visual stimulation

Audyssey A.V

Audyssey: meditation Mix

Jon Hopkins - Ascending dawn sky
Arovane - Seaside
Toby Wiltshire - Karuna
Nils Frahm - Says
Pantha Du Prince - Approach in a breeze
Murcof - Cosmos Li
Armand Amar - Faces
Burial - State Forest
Jon Hopkins, East Forest, Ram Das - Sit around the fire

Mixed by Gavin M Lawson

In conversation

Creativity in Music Production with Audyssey & Rachel K Collier.

Question Session, Glasgow.

Audyssey AVE

Gavin has been on a personal journey to understand how science, mental clarity & 'clean' creativity influences our ability to increase performance, focus and originality.

Music and the mind

Electronic music combined with stroboscopic light can help support perceived stress in the creative sector. 

The experience of audio visual entrainment is a symphony of light, colour, and sound that transcends the ordinary and takes the listener on a journey of the senses. The mind begins to awaken, shedding the burden of everyday concerns and opening itself to new realms of experience.

Clean Creativity

Combining natural resources & mindfulness with digital technologies


Forever Cacao, ethically sourced Peruvian Ashaninka Cacao, minimally processed from all natural ingredients. Vegan friendly and free from gluten, dairy, soya and palm oil. No refined sugar.

The highest antioxidant food in the world.

Electronic Music Therapy

Audeze LCD-X, Audient ID14, Ableton Live 11, Push 2, Max4live, Modes, Field Recordings and Isochronic Tones.

Music is not just an art it is expression of the human condition.

Siphon Coffee

Preparing coffee can be a mindfulness experience, learn the art of siphon coffee and how to use this daily routine for positivity.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living.


Research clients share their experiences with Audio Visual Entrainment

Lucía Verde

"I loved my sessions with Audyssey in Ibiza"
As a legal consultant for the music industry work can be stressful, so learning how to quiet the mind with audio visual entrainment has given me a whole new prospective on meditation and mind observation.

Thanks to Gavin and his amazing work with light, sound and vibration.

Ian Owen

"The power of sound and light"
I was in the army for 13 years and suffer from P.T.S.D, I tried many different therapies but nothing seemed to work effectively.
As a music producer and DJ in Ibiza I wanted to try and see if A.V.E could help and I am very happy to say it has tremendously.

Michelle Ings

"I can see the light"

I have always been interested in the way the brain operates and feel this is a front row seat to the mysteries of the mind.

This has helped me so much with physical and mental blockages, it's the most content I have felt for years. Thanks to Gavin who is evidently passionate about his work with A.V.E and I can see why.

Author Gavin M Lawson

Creativity Starts From Within ebook

After extensive research, we have seen tangible evidence that what you put into your body and how you treat it, directly affects the creativity you will put out. This ‘e-book ’comprises a number of key elements all designed to help increase creative output.

Due to the recent pandemic this book is available free to download offering support during lockdown and beyond. 


Foreword by Milton Mermikides

Holistic Music Production Retreats

Audyssey Ibiza

The art of making music from the mind for the mind

Ableton Live


Ableton Certified Trainer Phelan Kane delivering lessons over 5 days teaching clients the fundamentals of music production and how to use creativity in composition.



Psychology Phd and Yoga trainer Susan Faith teaching the art of meditation and the benefits for music creators to help increase creative output.



Our clients learn the fundamental importance of what you put in is what you get out. Over the 5 days each client is supported with organic locally sourced produce, raw cacao & speciality coffee.

Audyssey eBook

Learn more about audio visual entrainment and the benefits of sound and light in wellbeing.

Audio-Visual-Brainwave Entrainment, electronic music and mindfulness.

Audio visual entrainment (AVE) and mindfulness are powerful tools for relaxation and well-being that are gaining increasing popularity in the healthcare and wellness sectors. AVE involves the use of light and sound stimuli to alter brainwave patterns, while mindfulness involves bringing one's attention to the present moment with an open and non-judgmental attitude. These practices have been shown to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus and concentration, and supporting overall well-being.

Download the free ebook with the link below.

member of the CTAA

Professional Accreditation

Certified Meditation Practitioner/Trainer
Audyssey AVE


Audyssey – Audio Visual Entrainment

Please be aware there are a variety of contradictions for safe use of the lamp. If you can answer yes to any of the following (*including any previous history) then you should not use the lamp.

* Epilepsy or any kind of seizure, family history of epilepsy*
* Psychological or psychiatric conditions, including psychosis*
* Depression/high anxiety*
* Heart condition/Stroke*
* Brain injury/surgery/severe head injury/concussion*
* Photosensitive medication*
* Recreational/psychoactive drug use 24 hours before lamp use*
* Health issues requiring treatment*
* Fitted with a cardiac pacemaker*
* Pregnancy*
* Facial laser treatment in the past month*
* Under the influence of drugs/alcohol*
* Not available for under the age of 18 years*

All clients will be asked to sign our full disclaimer.

We are not medical practitioners or qualified to diagnose physical or mental health conditions.

Recommendations & interventions cannot be taken as a substitute for a thorough medical or allied health professional assessment or diagnosis.

Holistic Health is actually an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole person and how he or she interacts with his or her environment.

Monday - Friday

Availability on Request.

Audyssey AVE

Powys, Wales


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